How it began…

​Sixfingerz hails from Antwerp, Belgium. Dabbling with music production ever since he was a kid, he has been through many phases including IDM, underground electro, techno, trip-hop, and hip-hop. He adopted the moniker Sixfingerz  and has not looked back. The accumulation of his early musical interests is quite apparent throughout his pieces.

​His tracks are known to have an old school feel to them, as well as plenty of unique sounds mixed in thanks to his array of ethnic, worldly instruments and collections of old records. Sixfingerz is also quite the remixer.

​Needless to say, he bangs out interesting tunes that are far from a typical trip-hop beat. He is quite fond of incorporating old vocal loops and lo-fi effects to express that sense of timelessness in each of his beats.

Say nothing. All you need to do is take off your-shit kickers because hey, I bet you’re fixin’ to chill…    ​​