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Yunasai – Mystic


We proudly present the debut album of talented Yunasai. Mystic embodies love for creation and delivery is immaculate.

The album kicks off with unbelievably smooth “Returning Twelve” and shows one thing…expect unexpected. Passionate flutes in conjunction with lush instrumentalism create an unforgettable listening experience. It sets the mood of the album perfectly. Next tracks add soothing strings on top, so the mysticism is boosted even more. The title track shows the true intentions of the Artist. Combination of such rich sounds and hard-hitting drums is at least impressive!
When we thought that nothing can surprise us now, “Seasons” is coming in with a full-bodied vocal of Jennifer Pague. A track that resembles Hooverphonic a bit, but with Yunasai’s own unique twist. Best way to describe “Solstice” is probably a “Trip-Hop Ballad” and it quickly became one of the favs here in WgW. Next 2 tracks sneak in a bit of more crispy synths to the previous combos. “Spherical Cycle” is more glitchy and vicious, while “Earth” is straight on epic! “Transition” closes off the album with grace and style we experienced in the first 3 tracks. Classy.

Yunasai’s Mystic is a truly captivating piece of art. By combining elements of Trip-Hop, Experimental Hip-Hop, and Electronica, the author created a stunning display of organic vibes. Fans of those genres and between will be truly satisfied. Repeat mode guaranteed!


All Tracks Composed by Yunasai.
Vocals by Jennifer Pague
Artwork by facebook.com/FRAMEofMIND.be
Project Management by Tomasz Ochman