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Release Date: February 23, 2015
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We Got it in Nature vol.3

We are very proud to present the third instalment of our flagship series – We Got it in Nature.

This time around, our always reliable team of artists have cooked up a blend of beats that traverse the boundaries of consciousness. 23 selections from all corners of the world will consistently amaze with their fresh and creative approach whilst still keeping a fundamental attachment to classic hip-hop.

The compilation begins with a mystical atmosphere of jazz, introducing our ear drums to another dimension. We then bring a change of energy through a suite of dark and spatial sounds. These tracks shrouded in mystery are illuminated by the shinning moon, then giving way to dawn. Finally a crescendo of sounds, a graceful transition into bright lands filled with hot sun.

The album takes us on a journey through the world of amplitude. Through its forests, over its beaches, and on its ocean floor.

Perfectly balanced – Yin and Yang.

Pure magic – not to be forgotten.


Photography by www.jonbrnsphotography.com
Project Management and graphic design by Tomasz Ochman