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Release Date: October 22, 2021
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Survival of The Freshest Vol.1

STBB, formerly housed on the Stones Throw label forum but now under their own rule has joined forces with organic hip-hop/beats label WeGrowWax to deliver you the freshest selection this well established beat community has to offer.

Each following volume is made up of the winning tracks from the last 20 beat battles, plus a selection of the freshest other entries selected by the beatmaker who has the most wins for that period.

For Vol. 1 it’s STBB stalwart and regular champion JoaGymshoe curating a taste of the dopeness that is typical of this weekly beat battle.


All the beats were produced by Artists affiliated with STBB Forever community. Every beat maker out there is welcome to join in!
>>> https://stbbforever.com/ <<<

Artwork by B-Jam vs Enos
Graffiti by Ymsey
Project Management by JoaGymshoe and Tomasz Ochman

Love and respect goes to the Artists. Be sure to share this Album if you feel what we do.