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SkyBlew & Scottie Royal – The Royal Blew Eccentrics

SkyBlew & Scottie Royal - The Royal Blew Eccentrics
Release Date: September 27, 2019
Available now on:

The Royal Blew Eccentrics

4 years (!) after The Royal Blew Reverie, two friends are back on the label to present fresh and extraordinary material that is also a continuation of the abovementioned album.

The release is filled with colour and vibe. These creative artists have not been idle for the last 4 years. Progress is felt from the first note. Scottie has prepared a set of timeless productions. Warm keys, tasty samples, organic drums. All elements work together at the highest level to create an unforgettable groove. SkyBlew like no other can navigate this sophisticated territory. Intelligent rhymes with a loose feeling pour out of the membranes showing us a truly masterful style. Guests do not disappoint, and songs with their participation immediately become personal favourites.

Every smallest element in The Royal Blew Eccentrics has been refined to bring a smile to the listener’s face. The undeniable chemistry between the artists, the love felt with each snare strike, the passion given in each verse – The Royal Blew Eccentrics is a contender for the classics of the genre!


Lyrics, Vocals:
JSWISS (The Glorious Flight 2)
Donovan (‘Til The Wheels Fall Off, Dreaming Of Yesterday)
ResoNate (‘Til The Wheels Fall Off)
Karina Nistal (Sunshine)
Azon Blaze (Samurai Shampoo Remix)
Diastrid (Dreaming Of Yesterday)

Production, Mix, Mastering:
Scottie Royal



Project Management:
Tomasz Ochman
Scottie Royal

Khac Art