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Release Date: April 26, 2018
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Kris Van Huystee, a talented creator from the USA, presents 12 songs vibrating with positive energy. An organic mix of Chillout, Hip-Hop, and Jazz, which absorbs from the very first bars. “Fields of a Nomad” is an extraordinary display of emotions, love for the family being the predominant one.

Intense intro promises an unexpected turn. “Restless Monologue” at the very beginning shows the great artistic values ​​of “Fields of a Nomad”. Perfectly matched tones on dynamic drums lightly oscillate around Jazz-Hop. This style-full song flows seamlessly into “Wabi-Sabi”. The second track continues the path chosen by the predecessor. A fat boom bap beat and eclectic connections dominate the space. After another excellent transition, the third song kicks in. “Hideaway” is a total surprise and also fully shows the intentions of the author. Perfect performance unveils a song full of feelings and grace. The next songs naturally permeate, at the same time showing the unique taste and sense of the creator. “Settled” closes all the songs into one whole. However, this is not the ending of a story, but rather the crowning of a successful day with a feeling of satisfaction.

“Fields of a Nomad” is an album deserving special attention. Deep feelings in it and their quality are timeless. The author’s talent goes beyond musical genres and presents an album full of warmth and positive energy. “Feel good” music at its finest.


“Thanks to my family for understanding that this stuff takes time, and for sticking with me as I sat in front of my laptop for hours, mind buried in the music, with headphones rendering it virtually impossible to reach me. In my perfect version of life, having a family and being a prolific artist would seamlessly harmonize. Katya & Dima have made that line much easier to walk with their positivity, energy, and love.

Thanks to my parents for taking me to music lessons and encouraging me to stick with it. I wouldn’t be the musician I am today if my parents hadn’t allowed me to nurture my passion.

Thanks to all the great teachers that I’ve learned from over the years, in music and in life. Big thanks to Brandon Ralph for helping me find confidence, and to Maxwell Deibel for steering me toward a new path.

Thanks to JoaGymshoe and all the guys at STBB for welcoming me to a friendly and competitive forum for cultivating my hobby.”

Thanks to Sixfingerz for introducing me to WeGrowWax, and big thanks to Tom for all of his work in helping me put this project together.” – Kris van Huystee

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