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Release Date: March 9, 2018
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Printempo, the author of 2 classic, painstakingly organic trip-hop albums, is back with another masterpiece.
“Dismantled Vision” is inspired by reversal film captured in slides and that itself is the best, even so enigmatic, recommendation. The analog vibe is pouring through Author’s projection, showing us nothing but living colors.

The album begins almost in a pure Hitchcock’s style. The explosion in the form of “Dripping” is the essence of the organic Downtempo. Natural drums in conjunction with solid bass will not let you forget about itself. Add to it surprising synthesizers and you will receive a song that will not disappoint any fan of eclectic combinations. As the following seconds pass, the album slightly drops its aggressive tone in order to make space for a more sublime atmosphere. “Tree on the shelf” is like a journey through a magical garden full of unexplained events and unresolved threads. Tension is growing.

“Moderate bang” is a truly innovative and captivating tribute to the Age of Disco. “Black Carpet” shows stories as if not of this earth, and does it with grace and a certain dose of an avant-garde. A powerful track influenced heavily by Jazz. The tension is still growing. “Our Goal” shows the finale of this chilling story. A finale that ends with a feeling of accomplishment.

“Dismantled Vision” is an extraordinary album. It is impossible to capture the moods prevailing in it in a few sentences. Inspired by prints, just like them, preserves a broader picture. The author’s visions are ambiguous. Printempo shows us an intimate album full of amazing and vibrant snapshots. It’s only up to us how we interpret it. A masterpiece of the genre. An album to which you return with an incredible pleasure and appreciation. 

Limited Edition Compact Disc

Printempo - Dismantled Vision (Limited CD)
Printempo cd 3
Printempo cd 1


Music by Printempo (soundcloud.com/printempo_pl)
Teaser by A&P Film (www.facebook.com/apfilmstudio)
Project Management by Tomasz Ochman