“Red” by Sixfingerz

We got a real honour to present the newest album by an extremely talented Sixfingerz. Producer hailing from Antwerp created a stunning piece of art oscillating between countless electronic genres. “Red” by Sixfingerz is an official soundtrack to “Red Ridin’ Hood” – a Theatrical production gathering international dancers and choreographers. Musician gave birth to 11 magnificent compositions which are a perfect backdrop for professional dancers. Whole project is a wonderful display of modern art in general and it’s definitely something to look out for.

You can support “Red” right now by “reserving” an exclusive vinyl using Qrates platform. This is a fundraising campaign and it’s only up to you if it’s going to happen. You won’t be charged until the campaign is successful and every pledger will get an exclusive/not released track with the reservation. Follow this link for more information.

Our never ending mission is to Grow Wax for talented artists.
We Promote and Support Organic Growth.
If you feel us the same way we feel the surrounding world, send some good energy into the universe by supporting and spreading this project. Your good will can make a huge difference and impact.

We all got it in Nature.

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