New WeGrowWax Website

WeGrowWax - We Got it in Nature

We are truly honoured to greet you at our new and refreshed website. From 2014, WGW family is doing everything that’s possible to satisfy your demanding taste.  We do it with real pleasure. Our never ending mission is to grow wax (print vinyl) for talented artists in a natural, organic way.  Money divides, Music connects.  We were always trying to blur lines between passion and reality and we won’t stop now.

By giving you the highest quality organic music, we ask for your support. There are countless ways you can help us out in our long and rewarding journey.  One can support by simply buying our releases and merchandise. One can support our fundraisers.  One can support for free by streaming (Spotify, Tidal, Pandora and many more…yes, we are everywhere)…and by the simplest, fastest and extremely appreciated share.

Everything we do has got a reason, everything we give comes straight from the heart. We will never ask for a support without giving you something in return. This is how we do it. This is what organic growth means for us.  We Got it in Nature

Feel free to explore the organic sound of WeGrowWax.

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