Figures EP


After the sensational single Flames, the time has come to proudly announce the Figures EP by Wookie & Blossom. 5 atmospheric tracks that will amaze many fans of the Trip-Hop genre.

The title track is the quintessence of the organic sound of the above-mentioned duo. Instrumentalisation at the highest level, smooth passages, surprising moments and neck breaking drums. The next track is the already known Flames which adds a touch of mystery and filminess. When it seems that nothing can surprise us, Night in The Jungle hits us strong. The title perfectly captures the mood of this song. A dense vibe with an excellent rhythm section could be a perfect complement to [again!] the best action movies. Blossom’s solo track Sundown perfectly closes the album. The overall detail delights. Although the EP should end here, artists leave us with a question – Where’s My Soul. M2R1’s remix is a beautiful, nostalgic and full of energy track. Strong emotional vocals and magnificent backdrop with an explosive ending create the perfect combination.

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