mono.log – Dialog

“Dialog” is an album that defies classification with every track but still pays homage to the old school. This is not the style we are used to in current times. The ambient intro is already introducing the right mood. This mysterious vibe accompanies us to the end of the listening session. Tusz describes reality in a direct and at the same time subdued way. There is no room for ill-considered words here. Where dirty everyday life is connected with searching for inner peace and balance. An image of a difficult life in the 21st century’s Poland intertwined with rays of hope and ambition. The mundane experiences where you can and even need to find a higher sense. Where energy is the most important.

mono.log returns with unparalleled taste on the Polish music scene. Eclectic productions of Blossom contain a large dose of subtle electronics, thus oscillating at the borderline of the classic Trip-Hop. Tusz, with his deep voice and ethereal texts, finds himself in these climates perfectly. Heavy bass coexists with his content in a natural symbiosis. An album that returns to universal values. Consistent in every respect.

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