Scottie Royal – Great Scottie Part II

Yes, it’s true. Scottie Royal returns with Part II of our personal classic “Great Scottie”. Directly inspired by one of his favorite films “Back to The Future”, Scottie is as ingenious as Doc Brown …

Scottie’s DeLorean is his rich and broad musical taste. His talent spins up to 88 miles an hour to jump us into time and space. Each song is the essence of Chillout dressed in the most diverse forms.Here you will encounter organic Hip-Hop in the most perfect variety, as in Strollin’ With You or Lotta Feelin’, where our “Doc” is supported by the equally talented The DGTL on the saxophone. On your way, you’ll also hear stylish Jazz influenced tracks [No Chaser, Straight From The Bottle] and laid-back reggae vibes [The Beach Be Irie] that guarantee to lift up your mood for good. The amount of quality and details in one place is astonishing. The album is produced to the highest standards. This should not come as a surprise because Scottie Royal has already accustomed us to this over past years.

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